What happens when you come for your massage?

Your massage begins with an initial consultation where we can learn about you and what you’re looking for from the massage, we can then tailor a treatment to suit you. Every massage is uniquely tailored to each person, we use appropriate skills and techniques to create the best massage for you. Traditional massage strokes, deep tissue massage, stretches and mobilisation are integrated into our treatments, as needed.

Do you have to undress?

We use oils during the massage so would ask you to undress to underwear (unless you are having Indian head massage or Traditional Thai massage which can be clothed), we always leave the room as you get ready at the beginning and end of the massage, during the massage you will be draped with towels and only the parts of the body we are working on will be exposed.

What can massage do for you?

Massage is great for helping when you’ve got things going on in your life, it is an opportunity for finding peace of mind, time out from the hustle and bustle of life, and relief from physical pain or emotional times.

Massage can help...

…When you just want to let go and relax, enjoy a bit of you time! 

…When you’ve got aches and pains from your pregnancy, exercise or sports

…When you’re feeling tense or stressed

…When you feel tight and knotty!

…When you suffer from bad posture

…When you want to feel stretched out and freed up!